Compilation Part I (2011)

Items: 22 
Question 2a: National definition of waste155.48 K
Question 2b: National definition of hazardous waste198.1 K
Question 2c: Art. 1(1)b wastes96.31 K
Question 2d: Wastes requiring special consideration72.2 K
Question 3a: Implementation of Amendment (III/1)61.76 K
Question 3b: Restrictions on Exports for IV A189.46 K
Question 3c: Restrictions on Exports for IV B178.63 K
Question 3d: Restrictions on Imports for IV A200.5 K
Question 3e: Restrictions on Imports for IV B198.66 K
Question 3f: Restrictions on Transits152.07 K
Question 4a: Use of Basel Convention Notification/Movement document forms75.68 K
Question 4b: Languages accepted for Notification/Movement document forms14.19 K
Question 4c: Additional information required in relation to Annex V (A and B)107.42 K
Question 4d: Border Control for export/import/transit of haz./other waste established71.81 K
Question 5: Reduction/Elimination of Generation of Waste403.45 K
Question 6: Transboundary movement reduction measures241.71 K
Question 7: Information on Effects on Health/Environment135.64 K
Table 1: Bilateral, Multilateral or Regional Agreements or Arrangements31.17 K
Table 2: Disposal Facilities Operated within the National Jurisdiction159.88 K
Table 3: Recovery Facilities Operated within the National Jurisdiction344.28 K
Table 4: Sources of Technical Assistance129.58 K
Table 5: Sources of Financial Assistance32.94 K