Follow up Partnership to the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment

At the fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention, the Parties decided to establish a new partnership as a follow up to Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment. Decision BC-14/19 Part I.

Although PACE had contributed substantially to finding solutions, the challenges of achieving ESM of used and waste computing equipment are neither solved nor diminishing; on the contrary, they continue to grow.

According to statistics developed by the United Nations University, in 2019, the total volume of e-waste generated worldwide 53.6 million metric tonnes (Mt) and by 2030, it could reach74 million Mt. Current estimates show that, in 2019, only about 17% of the e-waste generated globally was collected properly, the rest was discarded or managed informally. The value of raw materials in the global e-waste generated in 2019 is equal to approximately $57 billion USD. UNEP estimated, in 2015, that the trade globally amounted to 12.5-18.8 billion USD annually, however, how much of this e-waste that was subject to illegal trade or simply dumped is not known (UNEP and INTERPOL, 2016). Transboundary movements of hazardous and other wastes, including e-waste ending up in dumps, are deemed to be illegal traffic under the Basel Convention, Article 9.

For these reasons, the Parties recognized that there is an urgent need to bring action on the ground and to involve more industries, donors and other stakeholders in the implementation of concrete activities at the international, regional and local levels. An action oriented approach is the guiding principle of the programme of work of the new Partnership. See Annex III of document UNEP/CHW.14/INF/30 .

In this decision BC-14/19 Part I, among others, the Conference of the Parties requested the working group of the Partnership to prepare a revised version of both the terms of reference and the programme of work, including to prioritize tasks in the programme of work and outline the structure of the leadership of the Partnership, and taking into account comments from Parties and others, to submit them for consideration by the Open-Ended Working Group at its twelfth meeting (OEWG-12). During the online session of the OEWG-12, in September 2020, updated Terms of and were presented to the members, who decided to receive comments on them, until 15 October 2020. The Terms of Reference and the Programme of Work of the Partnership, as commented by 15 October 2020, are now available for download.

Projects and activities implemented by the Basel Convention Regional and Coordinating Centres and Stockholm Convention Regional and Subregional Centres

Comments received as of 30 September 2019

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Comments on the TORs and workplan of the follow up partnership to PACE, by 15 October 2020

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